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The Vallei CVC, together with volunteer community members, strives to do exactly this, education and basic health care, to the pets from disadvantaged owners in the Sunday River Valley. The Vallei CVC has been running for a number of years, building a relationship with the pet owners and providing a monthly sterilization clinic to help control the ever expanding pet population. In hand with creating a sense of responsibility towards their pets, we ask the owners for a ‘donation’ towards the sterilization of their pets, however the small amount they can afford, mostly around R50, does not cover the community cost of the sterilization which is R350. This is where continued fundraising efforts by our volunteers is a necessity to keep the CVC running.

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Entry: singe-R150-00

Tbox sponsor: R600-00

Green sponsor: R400-00

Tbox& green: R700-00

4ball sponsor: R600-00

Tbox, green+4ball: R1100

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any queries about our Vallei CVC Golf day. For additional information on the Vallei CVC and other CVC in the country, please go to this website:, and choose the link to the Vallei CVC, the only CVC in the Eastern Cape.

Contact: Jeanette 082 899 7134

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